Hi i’m Juliette, i’m a food blogger, recipe developer and food stylist. i was born in the north of Germany, raised by a french mother with Spanish roots and a german father.

I’ve always loved to cook but only during the last 6 years, i’ve brought more importance and attention to the presentation of food.


Hello you,

Everything about Food makes me happy. :)

The different flavours, the process of cooking, the culinary diversity of each country, The unique and distinguished tastes of different dishes and the cultural background and history of food ingredients (in general). The spirit and symbolic meaning of sharing a dinner, that brings people together, that warms up their hearts and gives everyone a bit of shelter and love on this planet. And finally how it looks like, how it is presented. Because i believe Food is an art in every way and each dish tells a different story. That’s why i decided that i want to share my passion, with you, with the world.

On this blog i will share some of my own food recipes and some of my favourite dishes, as well as my Food styling work and collaborations. Last but not least, some Urban discoveries, from the concrete jungle of different cities in this world, and what they have to offer to the people. With this, i want to take you on a trip with this international culinary 

journey with me. And i hope you will enjoy it, as much as i do and share with the people you love. 

Bon appétit!