Surf coffee St. Petersburg

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I’ve been traveling to Russia recently.

Yes, before the World-cup started. 

It was an amazing experience to see the city of Moscow and visit twice St-Petersburg. 


I discovered this super cute and stylish coffee-shop in the heart of St-Petersburg. 

A place where when entering you feel like you’re grabbing a coffee in a friends cosy flat just before a surf ride on a sunny, wavy shore.

A beautiful decorated interior where I tried for the first time a banana-soy cappuccino which turned out to be super delicious, an amazing new discovery for me.

Beside’s coffee the friendly staff is also offering vegan brownies and cookies.

Most of the Surf coffee locations are situated in Moscow, two of them in St-Petersburg, also all over Russia and one in Australia, Perth. 

The first coffee shop opened on the 18th December 2010 by a group of coffee enthusiasts who wanted to develop the coffee culture in their own city. 

I would definitely recommend this hotspot to anyone visiting Russia and who wants to find high quality coffee in a special place in the city. 



La Tagliatella - Restaurante Pizzeria 



It’s the second day that we are here in beautiful Valencia. After we walked a lot around the city we were getting hungry and a bit cold, because it’s winter even in Spain. 

And we found this nice looking, bright restaurant not far from our Airbnb. 

We felt right away quite comfortable in this place. It was very warm, light and a nice taste of interior design.


 I was very delighted about the oven in the middle of the place. As it’s nice to see how everything is freshly made! 

The menu had a great choice of Pasta, Pizza and different things like Risotto, Salads and Tartar dishes. 

We ordered a Sangria with Prosecco and to eat we ordered a Tuna Pizza with Anchovies and Tortellini with Ricotta and vegetable filling in Pesto Sauce. 


It was very good portions! (not in the Italian restaurant we went last night, we you had 3 Ravioli on the plate and that’s it! :O lol!)

The Pizza was amazing! The dough was baked to perfection and also the Pasta was very fresh. 

Overall we were very satisfied with the service and Food in this restaurant! 


Krazy Roll - Sushi/Sashimi restaurant


During last winter it became my little ritual to order sushi at this new place that opened next street from where I live.

I used to enjoy to eat sushi and have a beer while watching a movie. 

Since that time, it became my favourite sushi place in Toronto. 

This restaurant has a lot to offer, mainly : High Quality Sushi/Sashimi for eyes and tummy!


When I go there with friends I always order Seaweed Salad, Sashimi and some Sushi Rolls.

You can see how much effort and love they put into detailed work.

What you can see on the pictures are my favourite Rolls: Black Dragon Roll & Tuna Love. 

They are both amazing, freshly prepared. An explosion of tastes and textures. 

Krazy Roll’s Sashimi is so soft that it feels like it’s melting on your tongue. 


The Menu is amazing and the service very attentive and friendly.

I would definitely recommend this place also to people who have an interest for Food Styling because beyond the taste there is also the beauty to be discovered in the sushi/sashimi and other dishes they serve.

They also have a big choice on their Lunch menu, with nice combo's. 


Over All Krazy Roll's is a little pricy but I would say it's totally worth it if you are a Japanese Food Enthusiast or just a Sushi Lover as I am!!! 🍣 


here is a link to their website: http://www.krazyroll.ca

And here you can find them in Toronto: 



Pho Bac - Pho Soup Specialities

Healthy comfort food which feels like a detox cure while you are eating it.


One of my favourite dishes EVER is the Vietnamese “Pho-Soup”. 🍜 

For those who don’t know what a Pho soup is: “Pho” is a popular street food in Vietnam. 

It is made of a chicken or beef broth (originally with real bones for the taste) , meat (originally with chicken or beef) but nowadays as well served everywhere with Shrimps or Tofu and of course last but not least, the typical garnishes: onions, chili peppers, cilantro, lime, bean sprouts, and Thai basil. 


My favourite place to eat a Pho Soup in Montréal is at the Pho Bac restaurant. The first time I ate it there, was around 8 years ago when I used to live in Montréal. I think it’s important to support small local restaurants instead of big chain restaurants.

For me it’s a special dish which always gives me energy after eating it. 


So I brought my friends to my favourite Pho-Soup restaurant in Montréal. 

As a matter of fact, Pho Bac is one of Montreal’s hidden hotspots. Only locals know how good and fresh the food is there.

Located in the heart of China Town, Pho Bac has a delicious Menu of Pho Soups. What I love the most about the Soup in this restaurant is the flavourful bouillon they make. 

Pho bac is the only restaurant I know, who offers Pho Soup with Grilled Chicken (which I ordered that day!) It’s super tasty and gives your soup a different note, a bit more sweetness than usual Pho Soups. I guess because they caramelize the chicken.


The service is very friendly and fast. I would definitely recommend this place to Vietnamese Food enthusiasts and Pho Soup Lovers!

Bonne Soupe! :) 



Pizzeria Defina

Pizzeria Defina, is one of Toronto’s Hotspot restaurants I would say.


Located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Roncesvalles, by entering the pizzeria you can feel right away it’s charming character. 

It has is a modern and elegant interior , with a very cool and urban touch and warm ambience. 


I was delighted about Pizza Pumba which is Hand Crafted in their Wood Oven (for what they are known for!) , with it’s Tasty Ingredients: 

Fresh tomato sauce, fior di latte, wild boar meatballs, mushrooms, grana padano, caramelized shallots, garlic confit and oregano. It was an amazing explosion of different tastes and textures. 

The service was really friendly and attentive! I highly recommend this place to all Italian Food enthusiasts and Oven Pizza-Lovers!


Here is where you can find them:


Buen Appetito! :) 
And their adress on the internet:  www.pizzeriadefina.com