Blueberry Tarte


Picture by: Tania Adam

Cooking & Styling: Golden Spoon Stories (Juliette Navarro)

Low carb & gluten free

With a blueberry yoghurt tart you can really spoil yourself, without any regrets! 

Because the dark blue fruit combined with it’s healthy gluten free dough. 

This is a light and fruity dessert, perfect for the summer.


Blueberries have many fibers and a low glycemic index, meaning they hardly affect the blood glucose level.The yogurt has a probiotic effect. This means that good bacteria promote the intestinal flora and it’s digestion. They also support the absorption of the fiber from the blueberries. So it’s a great team!

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  • 100 gr grounded almonds

  • 100 gr oatmeal (i suggest gluten free oatmeal)

  • 1TS baking powder

  • 1/2 TS salt

  • 1/4 TS Cinnamon

  • 3TS honey

  • 5TS Coconut oil (not melted)

For the Filling: 

  • 2 x 170 gr greek yoghurt

  • 2TS honey

  • 250 gr blueberries


1.Preheat the oven to 320 ° F and then grease a rectangular tarteform (35 x 13 cm) with coconut oil.

2.Mix the ground almonds, the oatmeal, the baking powder and the salt in a mixing bowl. Then add the honey and the coconut oil and mix well with a fork so that it is a firm mass when you squeeze them together.

3.Spread the mixture on the bottom and the side of the tart and press lightly. Bake for 20 minutes until the crust becomes golden brown. Then place the crust on a grate and allow to cool completely.

4.In a medium-sized bowl mix the Greek yogurt with the honey. Then spread the yoghurt on the crust and spread the blueberries on it. Now you can cut the Blaubeer tart into pieces and serve.

5.The remaining pieces should be put into the refrigerator within 2 hours.

6. Enjoy!

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