Berliner Brandstifter Mule

This is one of the best cocktails i’ve ever had I think! Glad to have access to these amazing spirits easily, here in Berlin. :)

What I like so much about Germany is that our Food and Spirit start-up scene is quite big.

The products of Berlin Brandstifter are filtered 7 times and filled up by hand.

The Berlin Brandstifter Dry Gin is an extraordinary, soft floral and fresh gin. What makes it so delicious are elderflowers, mallow blossoms, woodruff and cucumber.

The recipe of the Brandstifter Mule is not only super delicious but also very refreshing! Perfect for warm summer days! I love the mix of sweet peach, spicy ginger and refreshing cucumber and lime!

In the recipe book you will find exciting cocktail recipes as well as unique cooking recipes with gin, vodka and wheat spirit.

And what is your favourite summer drink?


  • 4cl Berliner Brandstifter Gin

  • 3 small slices ginger

  • 2 lime quarters

  • 3 slices cucumber

  • 3 slices of nectarine

  • ice

  • Spicy Ginger Beer (Thomas Henry) to fill up


Pour Berliner Brandstifter Gin, ginger, lime, cucumber and nectarine in a copper cup and press a little. Add ice cubes and fill up with Spicy Ginger Beer.

Done! And time to enjoy!


Level of difficulty: Easy 

Here you check them out!